Non-shedding Dogs

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Non Shedding Dogs Did you know that Australian Labradoodles don’t shed? It’s true, currently I am wearing tan shorts and have a black mini Australian Labradoodle laying on my lap … and guess what? No hair all over me! One of the many reasons I absolutely love this breed is because

Red Stud Boy

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Ashford Manor Labradoodles is proud to announce we have a new mini red stud boy! Meet Keenan Size: Mini Coat: Wavy Fleece Color: Red Keenan lives with a guaridan family. He is doing fantastic a very mellow temperament.               Look at  this  beauty!!! He will be a perfect match for

Australian Labradoodle Puppies

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It is so precious to watch the puppies as they are trying their wobbly little legs. They are doing their best to get up on their legs and then they tire out. These gorgeous Australian Labradoodle puppies get their back legs off the ground and sometimes manage to get their

Mini Australian Labradoodles Sizes

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I often get asked what size is a mini Australian Labradoodle going to be when they grow up. It is usually pretty safe to say that when they are 4 months old if you add 10 pounds that will be the size when they adult Labradoodles. Ashford Manor’s Duchess is

Mini Australian Labradoodle Puppy

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We have two gorgeous black Australian Labradoodle puppies. They have beautiful blue eyes, and are amazingly striking! One is a girl and one is a boy. They are both going to be about 15″ tall and about 15 pounds. They are stunning, it is hard to get great pictures, the