Dental Month Promo

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I just got an update that if you order the Gourmet Dental Treats from Life’s Abundance on your auto ship order you will receive up to 18% off! If you have not tried the Dental Treats, this is the perfect time … your dog will go wild! You and your

AvoDerm Food Recall

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I have just been informed of a new food recall for a dog food product called AvoDerm. The recall is voluntary and is only for the following states: California Georgia Illinois Nevada Virginia Washington The AvoDerm dog food recalls includes AvoDerm Natural Lamb Meal and Brown Rice Adult Dog Formula

Choosing A Dog Food

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So how do you choose a dog food? What type of store do you go to buy your dogs food?I found an article on choosing a healthy dog food which may help you make quality choices. How To Choose A Healthy Dog Food Edited byStephanie Raymond and 59 others Have

Life’s Abundance

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Life’s Abundance is the dog food which we have chosen to use. At, Ashford Manor Labradoodles, we feed our dogs nothing but the best. Here is why we choose premium dog food for our Australian Labradoodles. Life’s Abundance The secret to superior pet food lies in the formula itself –

Bathing a Dog

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Whether you have a puppy or an adult dog, at some point you will need to give them a bath. Many people take their dogs to the groomers to receive a bath, it is quite easy to do at home. We have listed 7 steps to help you best bathe