Red mini Australian Labradoodles

We work hard to find the best puppy for you and your family based on your characteristic preferences.  All of our puppies are temperament tested to help determine their future temperament, which helps us determine the puppy that will be the best match for your family.

Our puppies come with

  • 2 year Genetic Health Guarantee
  • Current vaccinations
  • Necessary deworming
  • Microchipped and lifetime registration
  • Spayed or neutered (for more information visit our blogs regarding this topic of ESN)
  • Generational Pedigree
  • Socialization
  • Beginning potty training, leash, and crate training. Add’l fees apply for further training.
  • Puppy kit including a beginning supply of puppy food, collar, leash, toy, and blanket. Check out our additional packages!
  • Plus puppy training information emailed weekly to you for eight weeks

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Health Guarantee

At Ashford Manor Labradoodles, we have a 2 year genetic health guarantee.  What this means is that if one of our puppies has an inherited genetic health problem, we will refund half your purchase price to be applied for vet expenses or give you a new puppy.  We will need to have a written statement from your veterinarian, and we will need to have the puppy checked by our veterinarian as well.  All expenses for this will be provided by the purchaser.

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Our Process

Our process is a little different than a lot of breeders, it is not a first come first serve basis. We want to ensure that every family and puppy match is the best possible fit for your family. Hear more about our process in our podcast.

  • To do this we have families fill out an 2020 Ashford-Manor-Labradoodle-Puppy-Application. Hear more about our application process in our podcast episode.
  • We take pictures every other week to show you how the puppies are growing and developing; as well as see what puppies each family likes. We ask that families tell us which puppies they prefer in order of preference at 6 weeks of age, just prior to temperament testing.
  • Around 7 weeks of age we crate them all up and take them for a car ride to the trainer for temperament testing where Julie Case will test the litter and each individual puppy.
    • This testing is performed in a location the puppies have never been to, have never met the tester, and see all kinds of other dogs.
    • Our temperament testing is a proprietary test owned by Ultimate Canine and only some results will be shared with the public.
  • After temperament testing we look at each families application, the puppies photos they like, and the temperament test to help find the best suited pairing of family to puppy.

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Purchasing a puppy from Ashford Manor is a three-step process. We have learned, over time, that having conversations with each prospective puppy family has been the best method to a successful, agreeable, and happy transaction; You have a chance to learn more about us first-hand and determine if we are a suitable breeder for you. We have the opportunity to determine if you are a good match for one of our puppies plus tell you about our current and upcoming litters.

  • The first step for you, the prospective puppy family, is to contact us and also fill out a Puppy Application (which can be found below on this page).
  • After you have had a chance to speak with us and we have had a chance to review the application, we will then direct you back to this page to make an initial deposit (the initial deposit is the same for all class levels of our puppies). This deposit ensures that you have a spot in the queue. It is during this time that you will also choose in which class level of puppy you are interested (companion, therapy, or service). Each class level is a different price and is reflected in the balance payment of the next and final step. Here more about how we work with our puppies and learn about the levels in our episode.
  • Finally, the third step will occur when you come to pick up the puppy or before it is delivered to you. You will be directed back to this page to pay the balance. Depending upon the class level you have chosen, you will choose a different balance price to pay. If you have questions, we can help you through this last step.

Pricing does not include training, nanny flights, or additional days at Ashford Manor after the “go-home” date.

* All prices are subject to change without notice. Prices do not include training or transportation


Again, before making a deposit, it is imperative that you fill-out and submit a Puppy Application (see below) first. We want to have the opportunity to talk with you, which allows you to determine whether we are a suitable breeder for you and you are a good match for one of our puppies.

Our puppies are raised in our home or in one of our guardians’ homes for a period of time. We and our guardians work with all of our puppies every day to ensure they are up to Ashford Manor standards. We take great pride in each and every puppy that leaves our home. They are also carefully matched with each family for the best experience for all involved.

** Again, the initial Deposit price is the same amount for all puppies and is non-refundable! **

Non Refundable Deposit for all AML Puppies – $535 (includes tax)  Add to Cart  View Cart


Balance Payment

Balance payments are made in addition to the initial Deposit price that you will have submitted after filling out a Puppy Application form and speaking with us. The specific Balance price (different for each class of puppy) and initial Deposit make up the total cost of an Ashford Manor Australian Labradoodle puppy. If you have questions about this, contact us and we will be happy to explain it.

The Ashford Manor Australian Labradoodle Companion Puppy
(excluding Micro and Parti Puppies) – $3,210.00

This puppy is qualified to live in any home and will be great with children from ages 0 – 99! The Australian Labradoodle is a dog who desires to please, wants to be near you, and loves to be involved in your daily activities. The puppy can also be trained to go with you when you travel and other places (training is an additional charge and not included in this price); Micro or Parti Puppy, is $500 additional.

Balance payment for AML Companion Puppy – $2,675.00 (includes tax)  Add to Cart  View Cart


The Ashford Manor Australian Labradoodle Therapy Qualified Puppy
(including Micro and Parti Puppies) – $3,745.00

This puppy is will not come to you trained for therapy work, but they are qualified for therapy work. This means that they are quicker to learn than a companion puppy, a little more curious, and they tend to have less things that make them stressed. These Australian Labradoodles, after training, are great to go into work with people, to take for hospital and nursing home visits, and to help people who are suffering from depression, learning disabilities, and more. Again, therapy level training is not included in this balance price. Micro or Parti Puppy, is $500 additional.

Balance payment for AML Therapy Qualified Puppy – $3210.000 (includes tax)  Add to Cart  View Cart


The Ashford Manor Australian Labradoodle Service Qualified Puppy – $4,280.00
(including Micro and Parti Puppies trained to Therapy Level)

This puppy will not come to you trained for service work, but they are qualified to do service work. This means that they are like little Navy Seals, they have no fears. This puppy is very inquisitive, they will do anything they are asked, they are able to learn many new commands each day. These Australian Labradoodles is geared to work. These dogs are great to be trained for people suffering from autism, seizures, the hearing impaired, and more. Again, service level training is not included in this balance price. Micro or Parti Puppy, is $500 additional.

Balance payment for AML Service Qualified Puppy – $3745.000 (includes tax)  Add to Cart  View Cart

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Puppy Nanny Service

Ashford Manor has team members that will personally deliver your puppy to you if you live domestically within the continental United States. The cost for this varies depending on your location, prices start at $350.00 plus the puppy’s in cabin flight fee of $100.00.

Your Nanny will meet you at your nearest major airport. Your Ashford Manor Labradoodle would travel with one of our team members in cabin from either the Indianapolis or Chicago airports on Southwest Airlines.

Your Nanny will go over paperwork with you as well as teach you some techniques in handling your new Ashford Manor Labradoodle.

If you wish to pay with airline points/miles with your credit card or membership, we ask that you work with us to arrange flight times as well as departure and destination locations.

Once reservations have been made the Personal Delivery Service is non-refundable.


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2020 Ashford-Manor-Labradoodle-Puppy-Application

2020 AML Sample contract


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