Puppy’s Development

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Gestation – A period of 9 weeks that the mom is pregnant.

Whelp – this is when your puppy is born. He/she lacks ability to see,
hear, or regulate their own body temperature. The mother usuallySilvermist's 2nd newborns
delivers her pups over a period of a few to several hours time. She
normally can deliver her babies on her own, and will open their sack
and cut the umbiblical cord. She begins nursing very soon after birth.
Neonatal – the first 13 days after birth. The puppies cannot see, hear,
regulate body temperature or poop without stimulation. The puppies2 week old puppy
are completely dependent on their mother.
Transition period – from puppies age 13 days to 21 days. The puppies
eyes and ears open. They also begin to hear and respond to taste and
2+ WEEKS LAYINGAwareness period – from puppes age 21 to 23 days. Your puppy is now
using its senses of sight and hearing. They begin learning during this
Canine socialization period – from 3 to 8 weeks of age. The puppiesPuppy Socialization
learn behaviors during this time. They begin to poop on their own… a
lot! We, at Ashford Manor, work on barking, body posture, playtime,
and weaning from mom. Beginning at 6 weeks, we also begin working
on crate training, leash walking, and a variety of other socialization


Puppyhood ends at around 6 months of age , but can last until about 18
months. This is when adolescence begins.

Duchess copyYour puppy becomes an adult somewhere between 12 months and 3
years of age.

The senior years begin between 6 and 10 years of age. Generally yourSummer Cool
labradoodle will live 12 to 15 years.

WE, AT ASHFORD MANOR know that you will have many wonderful years together with your puppy with love and care.

Cheryl Sabens

Ashford Manor Labradoodles

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