Older Puppies / Adults Australian Labradoodle Available

Towards the middle of April we will be having one of our breeding dogs available. Her name is Brandy and more information will be coming soon. Brandy is 4 years old.

Brandy Feb 2012

Hi!  My name is Brandy, I’m an Australian Labradoodle, I’m almost 5 – my birthday is in June, I weigh about 30 lbs give or take the day.  In the last 4 years I’ve been an awesome mother for Mrs Cheryl.  I’ve had pups all of which have found Great homes to go to.  I just had my last litter and will be available to a loving family in early spring.  Will you be my new family?
In the last 3 years I’ve lived with Miss Jeannine – my guardian mom.  She’s taken really good care of me!  She bathes me a few times a month, cleans my ears weekly, takes me for walks ( I’m not very good on a leash), well, I’d probably be good but i’m always competing with my foster brother Nelson so I want to be in the lead…  :-)   I love chasing balls and frisbees, in fact when you throw it good I can catch them in the air.  It’s so awesome!!!  My foster mom is always amazed when I do this but it’s nothing to me but she gives me a hug every time I do it so I try to do it as much as I can.  I also like to drink the water out of the outside faucet or hose but am not very pleased to be sprayed by the hose.  My foster mom teases me sometimes and sprays me and I run away from her.  She thinks it’s funny but I’m not thinking it’s very funny as I sit just out of reach of the spray.  Miss Jeannine has had me on a special diet the last year or so as she found out I was allergic to chicken, she buys my food at Costco as it was more reasonable there then other places but I can’t have chicken or I’ll scratch and get rashes.  I’m great with kids and LOVE to give kisses, I could give kisses all day if you’d let me.  I stay in a crate during the day while Miss Jeannine is at work, no more then 9 hours though as I don’t like holding my potty that long.
If your’e a loving family who would care for me, I”d love to be a part of your family!!!

  Call Cheryl at 765-714-1436  to find out more information.


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