Meet Our Girls!


Our beautiful Australian Labradoodle girls breed in all the right traits to produce remarkable puppies for your family. We at, Ashford Manor Labradoodles keep our breeding program small so our dogs get lots of love, attention, socialization, and training.  We are not a kennel, we are a home-based breeder.

Ashford Manor's BaileyAshford Manor’s Bailey

Bailey lives near Indianapolis with her guardian mom and 2 kids. Bailey is an active little girl who loves to run and play. She is such a sweet girl and little lover!


Sire: Aussie L’s Keenan (owned by Ashford Manor Labradoodles, retired)

Dam: Ashford Manor’s Pearl (Retired)

Size: Mini

Color: Apricot Wavy fleece

Tests: PENN hip .31,.35 (90%), OFA Good, CERF Normal

Pedigree: Bailey Pedigree

Parti Australian LabradoodleRose City’s Carmello

Carmello lives with her guardian in Fort Wayne, Indiana. She will be a medium size. She is a beautiful parti coloring. Carmello is a little lover, she lives with her Mom and furry brother Nelson. Carmello will keep you smiling all day long.



Sire: Seattle’s Blue Blaze

Dam: Pine Lodge All That Lace (Retired)

Size: Medium, 17 1/2″ tall, 30 lbs.

Color: Red

Tests: PRA Clear, VwD Clear, PENN Hip 90%, OFA Elbows normal, OFA Patellar normal, EIC normal

Pedigree: carmello-alaa-registration

Caramel Medium Australian Labradoodle
Ashford Manor’s Cutie aka Scout

Cutie lives with her guardian family in southern Michigan. She is just as her names says, a Cutie! She has been a bundle of joy since she first arrived. Cutie is capable of being a service dog, she is very intelligent!


Sire: Seattle Blue Blaze’s

Dam: Ashford Manor’s Paprika (Retired)

Size: Medium, 26 lbs. and 18″ tall

Color: Apricot Wavy Fleece

Testing: OFA Good hips/elbows, OFA Patellar Luxation normal, CERF normal, PRA normal, VwD normal, EIC normal, DM normal, CM normal, ALAA panel all normal

Pedigree: cutie-alaa-pedigree

Riverbend’s Jamaica aka Kaya

caramel Australian LabradoodlesKaya is co-owned with St. Louis Labradoodles, in St. Louis, MO where she lives with Becky Coulter. Kaya is a beautiful caramel color (rose nose) with white markings. She is a delight to Becky and her household.


Sire: Manor Lake Amadeus

Dam: Riverbend’s Marley

Color: Caramel (rose nose)

Size: Miniature 18 lbs.

Testing: OFA Hips Excellent , OFA Elbows Clear, Dr. Wallace Hips Good, Dr. Wallace Elbows Clear, ACVO Eyes Clear, PPG Panel Clear by Parentage, IC is also Clear by Parentage.

Pedigree: Riverbend’s Jamaica Pedigree

apricot Australian labradoodle

  Ashford Manor’s Joy

Joy was a Christmas puppy, born in 2014. She is truly a Joy to her guardian family here in Lafayette, Indiana. She lives with her parents,  and children. Joy is best buddies with her 6 year old human brother, they are seen together all day.


Sire: Aussie L’s Keenan (Retired)

Dam: Ashford Manor’s Paprika (Retired)

Color: Apricot wavy fleece

Size: Miniature weighing 18 pounds and 15 1/2″ tall

Testing: CERF – normal, PENN hip 90%, OFA – good, Elbows – normal, PRA – carrier, IC – clear

Pedigree: joy-pedigree


Magnolia playing fetch

 Ashford Manor’s Magnolia

Magnolia is a mini Australian Labradoodle breeder here at Ashford Manor Labradoodles, from Summer and Keenan. She is a delightful red Australian Labradoodle who is quick to learn and obey. Magnolia is dreamy, she is such a well behaved dog with gorgeous eyes! Magnolia has a wonderful fleece coat.


Sire: Aussie L’s Keenan (Retired)

Dam: Aspen Grove’s Summer Rose (Retired)

Color: Red wavy fleece

Size: Miniature, 16 lbs. 16″ tall

Testing: PRA Clear, OFA – Good, Patella Luxation – Normal, PENN Hip 90%, CERF

Pedigree: magnolia-pedigree

Caramel Australian Labradoodle
Ashford Manor’s Mirage

Mirage is a super sweet little girl that lives in a guardian home in Indianapolis. She is very calm, intelligent, happy go lucky little girl. She is a beautiful caramel color and a nice mini size.

ALAA: ALAA-056363

Sire: Brantley Michael

Dam: Ashford Manor’s Sapphire (retired)

Color: Caramel wavy fleece

Size: 28 lbs. and 18″ tall, small medium

Testing: CERF, OFA Patellar – normal, OFA Elbows – normal, OFA Hips good, PENN Hip .47

Pedigree:Mirage Pedigree

Oh SusannahAussie L’s Oh Susannah!

Oh Susannah is a newer member to our Ashford Manor Family, she comes to us from Aussie Labradoodles and our boy Blaze.  She visited us for a week recently and is an intelligent, inquisitive little girl! Oh Susannah comes when you sing her name … yes I said sing her name! She is such a delight!

ALAA: 050179

Sire: Seattle’s Blue Blazes

Dam: Meadowpark’s Billowing Chloe

Color: Apricot Wavy Fleece

Size: Medium, 38 lbs. 20″ tall

 Testing: PRA Clear, EIC Clear, VWD Clear, Patellar normal, Hips/Elbows OFA Good

Pedigree: oh-susannah-alaa-pedigree

Ashford Manor’s Oriole aka Dixie

Red Medium Australian LabradoodlesOriole lives with her homeschool guardian family here in central Indiana. She  loves to snuggle and play with others. Oriole is a very smart little girl who has learned everything very quickly. She is from our Ashford Manor’s Paprika and Blaze’s litter. She is qualified to do service work. Oriole spent the day with us and she also is an amazing dog, very obedient, and calm natured. Her favorite thing is swimming in her families pond.

Sire: Seattle Blue Blaze

Dam: Ashford Manor’s Paprika  (Retired)


Size: Medium, 19″ tall and 30 lbs.

Color: Red

Testing: OFA Elbows normal, OFA Patellar Luxation normal, OFA Good, PENN Hip 90%, CERF normal, PRA Clear, VwD Clear, OFA Eyes normal

Pedigree: oriole-pedigree

Ashford Manor’s Polynesian aka Nala

Polynesian all grown upAshford Manor’s Polynesian lives with her guardian home near Kokomo, Indiana on a farm. She has several kids that she gets to play with every day along with a variety of animals!   Polynesian is a bundle of joy that will make you smile when you are down! If you want to play catch, she is ready; or if you prefer to snuggle up with a good book she will be your reading companion.


Sire: Seattle’s Blue Blazes

Dam: Ashford Manor’s Paprika (retired)

Color: Red wavy fleece

Size: Medium, 18″ and 28 lbs.

Testing: OFA Hips Excellent, OFA Elbows normal, PRA Clear, VwD clear, DM clear, EIC clear, Hereditary Nasal Parakeratosis clear,  Neonatal Encephalopathy with Seizures clear


Ashford Manor’s Sanibel

Black Australian Labradoodle Ashford ManorSanibel lives in a guardian home near Indianapolis. She is a very quick learner, inquisitive, and just an all around joy to be around. Sanibel loves everyone she meets.


Sire: Aussie L’s Keenan (Retired)

Dam: Ashford Manor’s Sapphire (Retired)

Size: Mini, 16 lbs. and 16″ tall

Color: Black wavy fleece

Testing: OFA hips/elbows excellent, Pattellar Luxation normal, CERF normal, PRA normal, CM normal, DM normal, EIC normal, Familial Nephropathy normal, PFK normal, MM normal, Narcolepsy normal, Neonatal Encephalopathy w/ Seizures normal, VWD normal

Pedigree: sanibel-alaa-pedigree

 Ashford Manor’s Scarlet aka Penny

 Scarlet at 5 months Scarlet lives in a guardian home here in Lafayette, Indiana. She has lots of children to play with every day. She is a sweet little girl with a wonderful disposition.


Sire: Rudy 2 Shoes (Retired)

Dam: Ashford Manor’s Duchess (Retired)

Size: Micro 9 lbs.

Testing: CERF Normal, Patellar Luxation Normal, PENN Hip 90%, OFA Good, Normal Elbows

Pedigree: scarlet-alaa-registration


silvermist-doorAshford Manor’s Silvermist aka Anna

Silvermist is such a delight, she never misses a beat! She lives with her guardian family who sings her praises. Recently I had the privilege of spending the day with her much to my delight she loved everyone both human and four-legged friends.

Her guardian family says she is very loving, extremely playful, loves attention, loves to snuggle next to someone or some stuffed animal, and she was the smartest in her Puppy Kindergarten Class! Oriole also loves to go on walks and enjoy the outside.

Sire: Hale’s I’m A Sure Thing (Retired)

Dam: Ashford Manor’s Magnolia


Color: Red wavy fleece

Size: Medium, 28 lbs. and 17″ tall

Testing: OFA Hips Good, OFA Patellar Luxation, OFA Elbows, OFA Eyes, PRA Normal, VWD Normal, DM normal, EIC normal, normal on ALAA panel of tests

Pedigree: silvermist-alaa-pedigree

Ashford Manor’s Sweet Pea

Sweet PeaAshford Manor’s Sweet Pea lives with her guardian home near Indianapolis. She has two human brothers to play with every day. She is such a little doll, princess of the house, and mamas girl! Sweet Pea is just that, she is a refreshing fragrance as she prances around. She loves to play as well as snuggle, just a little dream.

Sire: Aussie L’s Rudy Two Shoes (retired)

Dam: Ashford Manor’s Oriole


Color: Red wavy fleece

Size: 20 lbs., 15″ tall, mini

Testing: PENN hip .28, .29 , OFA hips good, OFA elbows, normal, CERF normal, EIC normal, DM normal, PRA clear, VwD clear, Neonatal Encephalopathy with Seizures clear,  Hereditary Nasal Parakeratosis clear


Ashford Manor’s Winter Lace aka Lacey

Winter Lace sittingLacey lives with her guardian here in West Lafayette and her other dog partner Cagney! Those two are best buddies and are always on the look out, Cagney is the protector and Lacey will kiss you to death!

Sire: Ashford Manor’s Chestnut

Dam: Rose City’s Carmello


Color: Red and White Parti wavy fleece

Size: 25 lbs. 16″ tall, mini

Testing: OFA hips excellent, OFA elbows normal, OFA knees normal, CERF normal, PENN hip .45, .39, EIC clear, DM clear, PRA clear, VwD clear, Hereditary Nasal Parakeratosis clear, Neonatal Encephalopathy with Seizures clear


RETIRED Australian Labradoodle Females

Apricot medium Australian LabradoodleAshford Manor’s Angel – Retired

Angel is a very sweet girl and a great dog.  She is extremely quick to learn and very eager to please.  She has her moments of high energy but is very quick to settle down.  She is very attentive to how others feel and behave.  When Stella (our older lab) and Angel play as soon as Stella tires out Angel will give up playing with her fairly quickly and go off to play with herself.  You could tell when Stella had surgery that Angel noticed and was very careful around her. Angel also loves to chase the squirrels in our yard, you should see them run!

Angel is a lovely apricot color.  She is a medium apricot beauty with a fleece coat who was born in 2011. Angel has a delightful personality, full of love! Ashford Manor’s Angel is mellow and easily trained as our most of our dogs. Angel lives with her guardian family in Lafayette, Indiana.

Sire: Aussie L’s Radian (Retired)

Dam: Aspen Grove’s Summer Rose (Retired)


Color: Apricot

Size: Medium – 18″ tall and 38 lbs.

Testing: PENN Hip 80%, OFA eyes good, PRA Clear via parentage, VwD clear, EIC Normal

Pedigree: angel-alaa-pedigree


Ashford Manor’s Duchess – Retired

Duchess is a stunning ruby red color that shines even more in the sunlight!  She is absoloutely gorgeous, we are so proud to have her.  She has such a delightful personality as well, she has been so obedient ever since the time she was a little puppy.  She has been a dream to train!  Duchess has retained her dark red color, which is very rare and extremely beautiful. She lives in our home.

Sire: Hale’s Best Bet Super Nova “Gunner”

Dam: Aspen Grove’s Summer Rose


Color: Dark Red

Size: 15″ tall and 17 pounds (miniature)

Testing: PRA Clear via parentage, VwD clear via parentage, OFA excellent, CERF



Aspen Grove’s Summer Rose – Retired

Summer Rose is our original breeding girl, who is now retired. Summer has left a wonderful succession here at Ashford Manor Labradoodles! Summer is the happiest dog on the planet!  She wags her tail and smiles at people, hoping to get you to pet her!  She loves to follow us around, especially Cheryl.  She is so mellow and calm that sometimes we hardly know she is even around.  She loves everyone, regardless of age.  Summer loves to go on walks and runs no matter what the weather.  She is a fantastic mom always caring for her pups and making sure they have everything they need.





Arbor Gate’s Brandy – Retired

Brandy is now retired. She is a beautiful lavender color, a very rare color group.  It is striking to see her lovely lavender shade in the sunlight!  Brandy loves to give kisses, I think she could give them all day long!  She is such a playful girl that sometimes I think she rather play than eat.  She sure can make you laugh watching her do anything to get attention.


Ashford Manor’s Paprika – Retired

Paprika is a miniature Apricot girl weighing 25 pounds and standing 16″ tall. She is an Ashford Manor Duchess puppy, and she bears a striking resemblance of Duchess as a puppy, with the coloring of Summer! Paprika is a very mild mannered girl who settles herself well. She has a wonderful fleece wavy coat!

Sire: Canadoodle Sables Kodiak

Dam: Ashford Manor’s Duchess (Retired from Ashford Manor Jan. 2016)


Color: Apricot

Size: Mini – 25 pounds, 16″ tall

Testing: OFA Good, CERF, PRA-clear, VwD clear

Pedigree: paprika-pedigree


Ashford Manor’s Tinsel – Retired

Tinsel is a gorgeous deep red mini Australian Labradoodle with a fun personality. She loves to be petted and is very calm.  Tinsel weighs 16 pounds and stands 15″ tall, this is a perfect size for any family … small enough to climb on your lap and large enough to go run around outside.

Sire: Aussie L’s Keenan (Retired)

Dam: Aspen Grove Summer Rose (Retired)


Color: Red wavy fleece

Size: 15″ tall, 16 pounds, mini

Testing: OFA – Excellent, PENN Hip 80%, CERF, Patella Luxation – normal, PRA – carrier, and IC – Clear, EIC normal

Pedigree: tinsel-pedigree

  Caramel Curly Australian LabradoodleAshford Manor’s Pearl – Retired

Pearl is a spunky little girl. She is ready to go for a walk anytime of the day or evening. Pearl loves to play with other dogs and children of all ages. She may be small, but she can cut corners and win the race! Pearl lives with her guardian family in Lafayette, Indiana.

Sire: Ashford Manor’s Thyme aka Jack

Dam: Arbor Gate’s Brandy (Retired from Ashford Manor 2015)


Color: Parchment curly fleece

Size: Miniature weighing 15 pounds and 15″ tall
Testing: PRA- clear, CERF Normal, EIC Normal, Patellar Luxation Normal, Elbows Normal, PENN Hip .51/.47

Pedigree: pearl-pedigree

  Parchment Australian LabradoodleAshford Manor’s Sapphire aka Sophie – Retired

Ashford Manor’s Sapphire is a lovely parchment color. She is a sibling to our Pearl. Sapphire


Sire: Ashford Manor’s Thyme

Dam: Arbor Gate’s Brandy (pictured below a Lavender color, Retired)

Color: Parchment curly fleece (great for allergy and asthma sufferers)

Size: Medium, 30 pounds and 18″ tall

Testing:CERF normal, PRA Clear, EIC Normal, Patellar Luxation Normal, PENN Hip .48/.50, Elbows Normal

Pedigree: sapphire-alaa-pedigree

Mini Red Australian Labradoodle  Ashford Manor’s Valencia – Retired

Valencia is a new breeder at Ashford Manor Labradoodles. She is a beautiful red mini Australian Labradoodle weighing 20 pounds and 15″ tall. She has a gorgeous wavy fleece coat. Valencia lives with a guardian in the Indianapolis area. She is very obedient, playful, loves other kids and dogs. She is very intelligent and learns tricks quickly!

Sire: Aussie L’s Keenan (Retired)

Dam: Ashford Manor’s Duchess (Retired)


Color: Ruby Red Wavy Fleece

Size: Miniature – 16 pounds and 16″ tall

Testing: PRA Clear, CERF, Dr. Wallace Good Hips, normal elbows, Patellar lunation normal, EIC normal

Pedigree: valencia-alaa-pedigree