ALAA – 013734

Size: Mini (17 1/2″ and 24 lbs.)

Color: Apricot

Hips/Elbows: Excellent (Dr. Wallace/OFA), Normal

Patella Luxation: Normal

Eyes: Normal

Summer is the happiest dog on the planet! She wags her tail and smiles at people, hoping to get you to pet her! She loves to follow us around, especially Cheryl. She is so mellow and calm that sometimes we hardly know she is even around. She loves everyone, regardless of age. Summer loves to go on walks and runs no matter what the weather. She is a fantastic mom always caring for her pups and making sure they have everything they need.

Testing Documentation:

Summer CERF 2012

 Summer Thyroid

 Summer Hips


Austrailian Labradoodle
Born: 5/21/2008