Size: Medium (18″ and 38 lbs.)

Color: Apricot

Hips/Elbows: OFA Good

PENN Hip: 80% Percentile

Eyes: Clear

Angel is a very sweet girl and a great dog.  She is extremely quick to learn and very eager to please.  She has her moments of high energy but is very quick to settle down.  She is very attentive to how others feel and behave.  When Stella (our older lab) and Angel play as soon as Stella tires out Angel will give up playing with her fairly quickly and go off to play with herself.  You could tell when Stella had surgery that Angel noticed and was very careful around her. Angel also loves to chase the squirrels in our yard, you should see them run!

 Testing Documentation:

Angel CERF 2012

Angel Penn Hip Scores


Austrailian Labradoodle
Born: 10/21/2011