Barbecue Safety For Dogs

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Barbecue, Holidays, and Dogs During this quarantine, holidays, and weather getting warmer the barbecues are smelling wonderful! Having a puppy or dog around a grill is not a safe option. When we are finished grilling we want to get the food served to keep it warm, the grill is sill

Alternatives to Bully Sticks

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Puppy Dog Treats You have probably heard that bully sticks are not good to give your dogs. It is important to know what you are feeding your dog, and what the ingredients are. Unfortunately, many things people have fed dogs over the years are not necessarily healthy for them including

Rawhide Dog Chews Expanded Recall

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For those of you who keep up with my blogs you probably know by now that I do not like rawhide chews for dogs. I have published a previous article on this when the first rawhide chews were recalled. They are not healthy for your Australian Labradoodles as they have

Loving Pets Treat Recall

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A big thank you to Dog Food Advisor for keeping us updated on food recalls throughout the United States. Many of our puppy families live across the U.S.A. and it is nice to know what is recalled everywhere. What’s Recalled? Loving Pets is voluntarily recalling a few of their treats

Rawhide Chew Recall

For many of you who own our Australian Labradoodles are aware that I am against rawhide chews. I do not think they are good for your dogs teeth and gums. They can also cause harm to dogs by causing choking and blocking in the esophagus if they get a larger