April Trick 2016!

Roll Over So far this year we have learned or attempted to learn the following tricks in our year of 12 new tricks! January – #Army Crawl February – #High Five March – #Dog Bow so April is #Roll Over! How to teach the trick Kneel down by your Australian

February Dog Trick!

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High Five! It is a new month and time to teach your dog a new trick! This month we are going to learn High Five! Here is a video of Taylor teaching Summer “High Five”! Have fun with your Australian Labradoodles! *Do not make the mistake Taylor did and say

Australian Labradoodle doing the Army Crawl!

Meet Joy, she is a mini apricot Australian Labradoodle at Ashford Manor who has mastered the army crawl! In 2016 we are trying to teach our dogs 12 new tricks! Find out more about what tricks you can teach your dog and have fun! Army Crawl Cheryl Sabens Ashford Manor

Happy New Year 2016!

Happy New Year to all of you Doodle Lovers!! We hope you will give your Australian Labradoodles big hugs and kisses for us as you bring in the New Year! We have lots of puppies and new tricks planned for 2016. Join us as we post a new article each

Wild Puppy to Brilliant Dog

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Here is a fun little article on transforming your puppy. As many of you may know that Ashford Manor Labradoodles works hard with your puppy everyday before they come to your home. Your puppy is well on its way to leash walking, potty training, and sleeping in their crate. Once