October is National Pet Wellness Month

National Pet Wellness Month As we look outside we see the beautiful changing of colors and the weather has gotten a little cooler. We can take on our Australian Labradoodles on walks without worrying about the temperatures and if the pavement is too hot for their little feet. Our pets

Cleaning Your Dogs Ears

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Cleaning Your Dogs Ears Here are some useful tips before starting to clean your pets ears. Make sure to be in a room that is easy to clean in case the dog shakes its head and the solution drips out. Have a towel ready to use to cover your pets

Dog Food Recall Jan 2019

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9 Brands of Dog Food with Recall The FDA is alerting consumers and veterinarians about 9 brands of dog food being recalled. These foods have been reported to have a high vitamin D level, amounts toxic to dogs. Dogs may experience: drooling, vomiting, lethargy and loss of appetite. Dogs consuming high

Mirage and Bailey Puppies

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Mirage & Bailey Puppies What gorgeous little ones, in micro and miniature sizes. This means they will be from 9 – 25 lb range in these two litters. Mirage and Bailey have apricot and red multi-gen Australian Labradoodle puppies. They are non-shedding, allergy friendly dogs. We have a total of

Ashford Manor’s Mirage pictures

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Here are new pictures of Ashford Manor’s Mirage! She is a Sapphire and Keenan (retired) puppy, a beautiful wavy fleece caramel coat. She is truly a joy to her guardian home, and now she has her mama, Sapphire, visiting while having her 11 beautiful puppies! Hopefully Mirage will be having