Summer Heat Safety

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Have you ever played outside in the summer for too long and gotten a headache? Maybe you forgot to drink water frequently? Maybe you forgot your flip flops getting out of the pool and burned your feet on the pool deck? These are all common problems we humans experience in

Another New Trick!

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High Five! It is a new month and time to teach your dog a new trick! This month we are going to learn High Five! Here is a video of Taylor teaching Summer “High Five”! Have fun with your Australian Labradoodles! *Do not make the mistake Taylor did and say

Australian Labradoodle Beard Trimming

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Due to all of the groomers being shut down because of Covid19 many people are asking for tips on trimming their Australian Labradoodles while in quarantine. So I came up with a quick video on how to trim up the Australian Labradoodles beard. Cheryl Sabens Ashford Manor Labradoodles Indiana Australian

Dogs and Christmas

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Some may say that dogs and Christmas do not go very well together. This can be because dogs are curious by nature and wonder what in the world that big thing with shiny lights and glistening ornaments is all about. What better way to check it out than get up

October is National Pet Wellness Month

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National Pet Wellness Month As we look outside we see the beautiful changing of colors and the weather has gotten a little cooler. We can take on our Australian Labradoodles on walks without worrying about the temperatures and if the pavement is too hot for their little feet. Our pets