Paprika & Blaze Puppies!

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These beautiful apricot and red Australian Labradoodles are now 1 week old! They will be medium and standard in size. Paprika has puppies with a great temperament, this is her 3rd litter. This is the first mating of Paprika & Blaze. These dogs are non-shedding, allergy friendly. The Australian Labradoodle

Little Johnnie Pictures

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We have new pictures of Little Johnnie! He is a gorgeous miniature red Cockapoo infusion. He will be mated with our multi-gen Australian Labradoodles and will produce lovely non-shedding, allergy friendly Australian Labradoodles. He has had lots of testing, he is a gorgeous dog with a phenomenal temperament. Little Johnnie

Valencia Pictures

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Wow, look at this stunning girl! This is Valencia a puppy from Duchess and Keenan here at Ashford Manor Labradoodles. She is a mini in size weighing about 20 pounds and standing about 16 3/4″ tall. Valencia is very easy going, likes to cuddle, and loves everyone she meets. Valencia

Brandy’s Pups 3 Weeks

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Brandy & Jack’s last litter is a group of girls. They are all curly and will be large mini and small medium in size. These little beauties are walking around exploring things around them. Here they are! They are all non-shedding, allergy friendly.          Cheryl Sabens Ashford Manor Labradoodles

How Smart is your Australian Labradoodle?

So how smart is your Australian Labradoodle?  How do you test this question?  Just like humans, dogs have different kinds of intelligence.  Dogs are intelligent in different ways as well:  adoptive and instinctive intelligence. Below is a test created and given by Warren Eckstein, who is the “Today Show’s” pet