Sapphire and Brantley Puppies

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Vegas Hotels Puppies These puppies were born on January 1, 2017! Sapphire and Brantley had 11 gorgeous puppies. She is a great mom and doing a wonderful job with this group. This is her 3rd litter. Girls Boys 20 – 35 lb. Chocolate Australian Labradoodles Available 2/26/17 Cheryl Sabens Ashford

Chocolate Australian Labradoodles Available

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We have had 11 puppies from Ashford Manor’s Sapphire and Brantley Michael! They are gorgeous as their parents are. We have 10 puppies that are shades of chocolate and 1 puppy who is a cream color. Sapphire and Brantley    This is their first pairing and we are excited to

Valencia just had puppies!

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We have a very beautiful rainbow litter from Valencia and Titan. We have a chocolate, red, and black mini Australian Labradoodle puppy.       For more information on availability of this litter please contact Cheryl at 765-714-1436. Cheryl Sabens Ashford Manor Labradoodles Australian Labradoodle Breeder 765-714-1436

Brandy’s Pups 3 Weeks

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Brandy & Jack’s last litter is a group of girls. They are all curly and will be large mini and small medium in size. These little beauties are walking around exploring things around them. Here they are! They are all non-shedding, allergy friendly.          Cheryl Sabens Ashford Manor Labradoodles

How Smart is your Australian Labradoodle?

So how smart is your Australian Labradoodle?  How do you test this question?  Just like humans, dogs have different kinds of intelligence.  Dogs are intelligent in different ways as well:  adoptive and instinctive intelligence. Below is a test created and given by Warren Eckstein, who is the “Today Show’s” pet