Puppy’s Development

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YOUR ASHFORD MANOR PUPPY’S MILESTONES Gestation – A period of 9 weeks that the mom is pregnant. Whelp – this is when your puppy is born. He/she lacks ability to see, hear, or regulate their own body temperature. The mother usually delivers her pups over a period of a few

Carmello & Chestnut Puppies Arrived!

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Parti, apricot, and red Australian Labradoodles  Carmello has had her first litter on Monday, December 13, 2017! They are a stunning little bunch. They will be parti, apricot, and red mini and small medium Australian Labradoodles. This means they will be 20 – 35 pounds when full grown. Carmello &

7 Week old Red Mini Australian Labradoodles

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These gorgeous red puppies are from Ashford Manor’s Scarlet and Copper. They are non-shedding, allergy friendly dogs with fleece coats. Cubs World Series Litter Girls Boys Comical … running off to base Find out more about Ashford Manor Labradoodles at www.ashfordmanorlabradoodles.com/purchase/ Cheryl Sabens Australian Labradoodles Breeder Ashford Manor Labradoodles 765-714-1436

Oriole had her puppies!

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On Sunday, December 4th Oriole and Rudy Two Shoes (from Meadowpark Labradoodles) had their first litter together. Actually this is Oriole’s first litter in general! She is an amazing mom, such a natural! She is so good with her puppies, it makes my life a little less stressful and I