How Often Do I Need To Bathe My Australian Labradoodle?

It is important not to give too many baths to your Australian Labradoodle as it could dry out their skin. When you bring home a new puppy you should bathe them as often as they get dirty. If they soil themselves, you will want to give them a bath immediately.

Dogs Need Manners Too!

It is important to teach your puppy new manners. Whether you choose to take your dog to training classes, do them virtually on line, or send them to a trainer for a good first start it is important to continue things at home. Things that we cover in this podcast

Another New Trick!

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High Five! It is a new month and time to teach your dog a new trick! This month we are going to learn High Five! Here is a video of Taylor teaching Summer “High Five”! Have fun with your Australian Labradoodles! *Do not make the mistake Taylor did and say

Puppy Socialization

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Socializing your puppy is so important!!! It is important to make sure your puppy continues to be socialized once they are brought into your home. Here at Ashford Manor Labradoodles we work on socializing everyday throughout the day. Different puppy wranglers come in to work with the puppies and expose

Prebiotics and Probiotics

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One more reason to love TLC Pet Food … Prebiotics and Probiotics are an important part of a dogs life. TLC includes both of these in their food blends for a healthier digestive system for your dog. It is important to take these especially as a puppy because they are