Vaccination for your dog

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Vaccinations For Your Dog It is important to keep up on your dogs vaccinations. As with children a puppy needs to have several rounds of shots in the beginning. It is important to keep your dog healthy and keep up on the yearly vaccinations for your dog. It is better to

Brush your dogs teeth

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Brushing your dogs teeth is very important. Just as humans have tooth decay, so do dogs. A daily brushing is essential for healthy teeth. Soame people use Greenies to keep dogs teeth healthy, while others use a toothbrush and toothpaste. By brushing your dogs teeth at least 3 times per

New Year!

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Happy New Year from Ashford Manor Labradoodles Well, it is quiet to begin this new year off at Ashford Manor Labradoodles. Our last puppy went to her new home on December 31st. She was able to stay a few days longer than the others so we had some fun with

Australian Labradoodle Puppies

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Well it has been fun having the puppies experience the snow! At first they were wondering what in the world was going on and then they started running and playing. It is so precious to see them romp around and chase each other. We have about 4″ of snow and

Chocolate mini Australian Labradoodle

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Wow, this boy is a beauty! He is our up and coming hunk and hunk of dark chocolate! He has a personality that makes you fall in love if you have not already been captivated by his eyes, coat color, and coat texture! Yep … he has it all going