Australian Labradoodle Beard Trimming

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Due to all of the groomers being shut down because of Covid19 many people are asking for tips on trimming their Australian Labradoodles while in quarantine. So I came up with a quick video on how to trim up the Australian Labradoodles beard. Cheryl Sabens Ashford Manor Labradoodles Indiana Australian

The Virus of 2020

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Coronavirus 2020 and Dogs Can Dogs Get the Coronavirus of 2020? Currently it is “No”. But Dogs Get a Coronavirus Vaccine. It is true that we vaccinate against a type of Coronavirus. This is a respiratory corona virus. It is different than the virus affecting people. The current virus going

Australian Labradoodle Availability

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We have Australian Labradoodles available in every size at this time. They are now ready to go to their new homes. They are all so fun and some are super hilarious! We have videos on and of them playing outside and inside. Here are some photos, check our litters

Australian Labradoodles Available

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These are puppies that will range from 20 – 30 pounds in beautiful apricot and red colors. They are a wavy coat from Ashford Manor’s Liberty and Chestnut. More photos of puppies can be found on our puppies page as well as information about our availability. Watch them in their

Dental Month Promo

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I just got an update that if you order the Gourmet Dental Treats from Life’s Abundance on your auto ship order you will receive up to 18% off! If you have not tried the Dental Treats, this is the perfect time … your dog will go wild! You and your