Heatstroke in Dogs

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Signs of Heatstroke in Dogs Make sure that when you pay attention to your Australian Labradoodle during the heat of the summer! Dogs can have heatstrokes too! Have a cool water supply for your puppy, offer ice cubes as a refreshing healthy treat, keep the pads of their feet from

Keep Cool

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Beat the Heat! It is a great time for you and your Australian Labradoodle to get out and exercise! Use these summer months to take your dog to the dog park, go for a swim, romp around the yard, and take them for a walk. This is great for both

Fourth of July – Dog Tips

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Keep Your Dog Healthy This Holiday and Have Fun! Fourth of July is right around the corner, please protect your Australian Labradoodle. We are our dogs advocates, be aware of them this weekend! Here are a few tips for you and your dog during the 4th of July activities. 1.

Fun with puppy pictures

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The Australian Labradoodle, a non-shedding, allergy friendly dog! What fun we had doing puppy pictures! Around 3 weeks old puppies starting playing with each other and they are so precious because they cannot see clearly yet and bark at the wall and silly things like this. Around 5 weeks of

Barbecuing with your Labradoodle

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Tips on Barbecuing with your Dog   Everyone likes a good barbecue, let’s make sure that everyone stays healthy and happy during the process. 1. Make sure your dog is away from the heat of the grill. 2. Not all human food is good for animals to consume. Bones can