February Dog Trick!

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High Five! It is a new month and time to teach your dog a new trick! This month we are going to learn High Five! Here is a video of Taylor teaching Summer “High Five”! Have fun with your Australian Labradoodles! *Do not make the mistake Taylor did and say

Australian Labradoodle doing the Army Crawl!

Meet Joy, she is a mini apricot Australian Labradoodle at Ashford Manor who has mastered the army crawl! In 2016 we are trying to teach our dogs 12 new tricks! Find out more about what tricks you can teach your dog and have fun! Army Crawl Cheryl Sabens Ashford Manor

Australian Labradoodles Available Now

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We have an apricot and 2 red multi-gen, non-shedding, Australian Labradoodles available now. They are from our Paprika & Blaze. The female will be a medium, and the 2 boys will be large medium/small standard (35 – 50 pounds). Go here for more information on each one.      

Bravecto for fleas and ticks

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No More Sick Dogs! This is from a website that has information on the newest product for fleas and ticks called Bravecto. I am always Leary to try a new product before it has been on the market at least one year. I want to see what people are saying about it.  I

Valencia just had puppies!

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We have a very beautiful rainbow litter from Valencia and Titan. We have a chocolate, red, and black mini Australian Labradoodle puppy.       For more information on availability of this litter please contact Cheryl at 765-714-1436. Cheryl Sabens Ashford Manor Labradoodles Australian Labradoodle Breeder 765-714-1436