Mirage and Bailey Puppies

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Mirage & Bailey Puppies What gorgeous little ones, in micro and miniature sizes. This means they will be from 9 – 25 lb range in these two litters. Mirage and Bailey have apricot and red multi-gen Australian Labradoodle puppies. They are non-shedding, allergy friendly dogs. We have a total of

Medium Male Australian Labradoodle

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We have a gorgeous medium dark caramel male Australian Labradoodle available. His name is Lincoln from Ashford Manor’s Valencia and Max. Lincoln has a curly coat, he will mature to around 40 pounds full grown. Lincoln is a sweet boy who loves to run and play. Lincoln likes to play

Ashford Manor’s Mirage pictures

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Here are new pictures of Ashford Manor’s Mirage! She is a Sapphire and Keenan (retired) puppy, a beautiful wavy fleece caramel coat. She is truly a joy to her guardian home, and now she has her mama, Sapphire, visiting while having her 11 beautiful puppies! Hopefully Mirage will be having

Alternatives to Bully Sticks

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Puppy Dog Treats You have probably heard that bully sticks are not good to give your dogs. It is important to know what you are feeding your dog, and what the ingredients are. Unfortunately, many things people have fed dogs over the years are not necessarily healthy for them including

2018 Games with your Dog

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February Game of the Month – Find It! This year we are going to give you game ideas to do with your canine companion. We know it there may be days where it is to cold or stormy to go outside and you need to use up some extra energy