Halloween and Dogs

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Is Your Dog Ready for Halloween? Can you believe that it is Halloween tomorrow? It is hard to imagine that it is almost November 2016 already, how the year has flown by!  We want you to have fun with your Australian Labradoodle while keeping your dog healthy, happy, and safe!

Heartworm All Year

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Chilly Outside It is getting cooler outside, but don’t be fooled! Heartworm disease is a year-round threat to all dogs. If you live in the southern states where it is warm all year, it is imperative as the threat is strong all year long. For your pet’s health, it is

Cutie aka Scout New Pictures

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Ashford Manor’s Cutie We had the privilege of watching Cutie aka Scout for a few days. She is such a delight. She is a medium size caramel puppy who looks just like her dad, Blaze. She is a gorgeous mix of Paprika and Blaze’s coloring! Cutie aka Scout      

Shamrock from Pearl & Brantley

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Shamrock aka Riggs Hi this is just an update from a family in Michigan. We bought an Australian Labradoodles puppy from you in March of 2016 his name was Shamrock. We named him Riggs and he is the best puppy ever. He loves to go on he boat with us

All Grown Up

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Paprika & Brandy Puppies all Grown Up These puppies are so adorable, they live and romp together. They are definitely spoiled little pups! This is Haymitch from Brandy & Jack’s Litter    This is Violet from Paprika’s 1st Litter    Double Trouble! Some of our families have two of our