Halloween and Your Dog

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Pet Costumes Pet Costumes can be a fun part of this holiday. Make sure that you have put your costume on your pet prior to the day you plan on trick-or-treating with your dog. They need to be comfortable in their costume. Ensuring a proper fit is very important for

Which Dog Food To Choose

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It is amazing how many dog foods are on the market today! You can purchase food from $0.50/lb. up to $5.00/lb. So just because the food costs more does that mean that it is a better food? We would hope so but this is not always the case! Unfortunately, we

Mirage and Bailey Puppies

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Mirage & Bailey Puppies What gorgeous little ones, in micro and miniature sizes. This means they will be from 9 – 25 lb range in these two litters. Mirage and Bailey have apricot and red multi-gen Australian Labradoodle puppies. They are non-shedding, allergy friendly dogs. We have a total of

Medium Male Australian Labradoodle

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We have a gorgeous medium dark caramel male Australian Labradoodle available. His name is Lincoln from Ashford Manor’s Valencia and Max. Lincoln has a curly coat, he will mature to around 40 pounds full grown. Lincoln is a sweet boy who loves to run and play. Lincoln likes to play

Ashford Manor’s Mirage pictures

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Here are new pictures of Ashford Manor’s Mirage! She is a Sapphire and Keenan (retired) puppy, a beautiful wavy fleece caramel coat. She is truly a joy to her guardian home, and now she has her mama, Sapphire, visiting while having her 11 beautiful puppies! Hopefully Mirage will be having