October is National Pet Wellness Month

National Pet Wellness Month As we look outside we see the beautiful changing of colors and the weather has gotten a little cooler. We can take on our Australian Labradoodles on walks without worrying about the temperatures and if the pavement is too hot for their little feet. Our pets

Fall Treats for Your Australian Labradoodle

It is getting cool outside and the leaves are beginning to change, it is time for some wonderful pumpkin treats! Your dog will love these treats but don’t have more than one has pumpkin can make them have diarrhea as well as constipated if they have to many. Pumpkin Treats

Cleaning Your Dogs Ears

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Cleaning Your Dogs Ears Here are some useful tips before starting to clean your pets ears. Make sure to be in a room that is easy to clean in case the dog shakes its head and the solution drips out. Have a towel ready to use to cover your pets

4th of July and Dogs

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Summer is the time of year that most dogs are lost. We are busy outdoors and have our Australian Labradoodles with us and then as we get busy they disappear. This can happen for various reasons. Some  things that startle them are fireworks, or other objects they are not used

Tick Time Again!

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It is Tick season again! Spring is here and so are the Ticks …yuk! Know your Area Beware  of the species of ticks in your area. If you are traveling know what kinds of ticks are in the area you are going and what disease are associated with them. Here