Ashford Manor’s Oriole’s 2nd Litter

Oriole’s Candy Litter This is our medium red Australian Labradoodle girl named Oriole. She is a multi-gen Australian Labradoodle weighing around 30 lbs. Oriole was bred with Rudy Two Shoes from Meadowpark Labradoodles and have had an outstanding litter of apricot and red puppies. These puppies are large mini to

Ashford Manor’s Beauty & The Beast Litter

These are Ashford Manor’s Sanibel puppies from her very 1st litter. She is such a sweet girl and a gorgeous silky black coat. Sanibel was bred with our Little Johnnie who is a nice red color. These are mini Australian Labradoodles. Boys Girls Find out more how you can have

Ashford Manor Scarlet’s Litter

This is sweet little Scarlet’s second litter. She is a ruby red micro Australian Labradoodle who weighs 9 lbs. She has tiny little puppies that are now 6 weeks old and only weigh 2 lbs! These three are little balls of fun and energy!   Find out more how you

Dogs in the Car

What is so bad about leaving my dog in the car? Dogs body temperature is warmer than humans so they get dehydrated sooner than humans. On a day that is 85 degrees our vehicles can heat up to well over 100 degrees in just a few short 10 minutes. This

Cool Your Australian Labradoodle Down

Everyone knows a humans temperature runs around 98.6. Did you know the body temperature of  a dog? A dogs is 101 – 102.5 as a normal body temperature. This means they are about 3 degrees warmer than we are at all times. We need to remember this important fact when