Christmas Special

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Christmas Special! If you reserve with your accepted application and deposit for an Ashford Manor Labradoodle between November 22 – December 14, 2019 we will send you a beautiful gift box in anticipation of your new puppy. Your puppy must be from one of our December litters going home in February

Why Dogs Smell Everything!

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Dog Smell Everything! When you return home and your dog starts smelling you, you wonder what in the world I just went to work. Well a dog has about 300 million olfactory receptors in their nose! To get an idea humans have about 6 million, so way less! Dogs depend

Aly’s Puppy Boot Camp

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We have teamed up with Alyson Rodges of Aly’s Puppy Boot Camp to provide our clients (and even our potential clients) with some amazing knowledge so that you can go live life with your dog in a safe, sane and civilized way. We want to invite you to join Aly’s Paws-itive Start Puppy Club!

Chocolate Safety

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We have all heard that chocolate is dangerous for dogs. This is to help you in determining if you need to rush your dog to the veterinarian. None of us want to have a sick dog, the best thing is to keep chocolate away from your pets! Formula for Chocolate

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CARING FOR YOUR ASHFORD MANOR PUPPY Always use positive reinforcement for good behaviors, such as going potty or poop when you ask them to outside.  Also use praise for good crate behaviors, and for responding well to commands. Provide treats for good behavior. Teach your puppy to trust and listen