Australian Labradoodle Available for Valentine’s Day 2019!

Valentine’s Day Puppies Available! What better way to show your family love than to bring home a puppy on Valentine’s Day! We have beautiful apricot and red large mini/small medium Australian Labradoodle puppies available from Silvermist and Blaze. They have produced beautiful puppies with wavy fleece coats and fabulous temperaments!

February is Doggy Dental Month!

Doggy Dental Month What are you doing to keep your dogs teeth and gums healthy? Did you know that teeth and gums are keys to their health? When you go to the vet they will look at their teeth and gums to see if they are properly hydrated, have a

How Cold Is To Cold For Your Dog

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This is a great article from our dog food supplier, TLC Pet Food. They keep up and help to educate our consumers as well. We greatly appreciate this as they are not just trying to sell dog food but keep consumers educated! TLC is a food that is only sold

Dog Food Recall Jan 2019

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9 Brands of Dog Food with Recall The FDA is alerting consumers and veterinarians about 9 brands of dog food being recalled. These foods have been reported to have a high vitamin D level, amounts toxic to dogs. Dogs may experience: drooling, vomiting, lethargy and loss of appetite. Dogs consuming high

Halloween and Your Dog

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Pet Costumes Pet Costumes can be a fun part of this holiday. Make sure that you have put your costume on your pet prior to the day you plan on trick-or-treating with your dog. They need to be comfortable in their costume. Ensuring a proper fit is very important for